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A number of our team members have worked for Chep Australia in the past. So, we have the in-house knowledge required to understand and successfully work with Chep's Systems and Processes. This includes the new Chep System.

Skills and experience using Chep systems and processes

The New Chep System

As you may be aware, in late February 2008, Chep is changing to a new computer system that will require 10 digit account numbers and 13 digit docket numbers for transfers. All our team is being kept fully up to date with these changes and the requirements necessary to minimise errors and inconvenience.

As pallet management is our business, we make the time necessary to ensure these changes are implemented correctly. The 2ic software program we supply to our clients has been updated to cover the changes. We believe that these changes further strengthen the benefits of using an electronic transfer system.

Competent In the Coles System

In late January 2008, the Coles group of companies is making a change from using the Chepcard system for Chep pallets and manual system for Loscam to using the SAVI program to handle all their pallets transfer requirements.

As with the changes to Chepís processes, we are fully up to date with these new processes and are in regular contact with the pallet control department at Coles to ensure a good working relationship between us to minimise any potential problems.

Up-To-Date With All Distribution Centre Needs

One of the changes to Chepís procedures with their new system is that the quantity of delay periods used by the various retail distribution centres throughout Australia, as well as other Chep clients, has been reduced to 2 only. X number of days from dispatch or X number of days from delivery.

We at Pallet Logistics are fully up to date with these changes and will simplify the processes for our clients by setting up the databases supplied to our clients, so that it automatically calculates the correct effective date, when transfer dockets are created.


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