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 Control Procedure Review

We review the procedures currently being used to control your pallets, including IOUís, and if needed, modify them for the most convenient process that ensures you do not lose pallets. We then recommend, for your consideration, any changes that we consider would simplify your efforts. We then work with you to develop the most suitable process that ensures pallet loss is eliminated or minimised at the same time as simplifying efforts required by your staff and your trading partners.

Monthly Stocktake and Reconciliation

Pallet Logistics personnel complete a stocktake of all your pallets every month. This is normally done without assistance from your personnel but, should you prefer, you can arrange for someone to accompany our staff.

After the end of the month, when we have done our invoices, we then complete a reconciliation of the account and forward to you a report showing your exact position as at the time of the count. This provides a very small window to review should problems be encountered.

Follow-up All Queries

On many occasions, your trading partners may reject transfers that you have processed as they have not received a copy of the transfer advice, the quantity is incorrect etc. On those occasions, we obviously need to get from you a copy of the POD. After that we do all the negotiating with the other party to obtain the correct credit to which you are entitled.

2ic is a pallet management tool used for tracking your pallets

Computerised Dockets

All dockets are computer generated using 2ic software pallet control program that we supply and maintain free of charge. This eliminates the need to purchase Chep/Loscam CMD books and hand write dockets. Docket creation on the computer is quicker that handwriting as you normally only need first 2 or 3 letters of a clients name, then select them from drop down box. This provides account number as well. No need to enter any of your information as the program adds that by default. There are also many other timesaving benefits such as the program automatically recording a transfer on or off, drop down list for transport company etc.

No Paperwork To Be Posted

All pallet movement data is transmitted electronically eliminating the need to write envelopes, add stamps and go to post office. The electronic transmission process takes only 15 to 30 seconds once a week. As this is done each Friday, almost always, your monthly invoice contains all transfers off to your trading partners. Similarly, the majority of the transfers onto your account appear on your invoice simplifying the checking process.


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